Friday, January 22, 2010

Upcoming Event: Marcus Borg

I will be doing my first field trip for this blog next week. Marcus Borg, who I quoted in my post "The Challenge of Jesus", will be speaking at North Scottsdale United Methodist Church on Thursday, January 28th from 7 to 9 PM. His discussion is called "Speaking Christian: A Misunderstood Language". It is hosted by the Arizona Foundation for Contemporary Theology.

Here is a summary from the event website:

"Being Christian includes using and understanding Christian language, yet many crucial Christian words are seriously misunderstood in our time. Words such as savior, salvation, redemption, righteousness, repentance and sacrifice have lost their original, rich meanings. How do we reclaim this language from its captivity to conventional Christianity? Can we then translate the Christian vision into words that enable us to engage with others who have not grown up with this langauge?"

It sounds like it should be pretty interesting. I have read some of Marcus Borg's work before. While I have some differences in my beliefs with him I do think it will be interesting to hear his presentation. After attending I'll give a review here and some of my own thoughts on the discussion.

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