Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Session

I decided to do a live blog this time just for fun. So far, President Uchtdorf has an awesome tie! It's kind of mesmerizing.

Elder Perry is speaking on parents and family. It seems like there is a heavy emphasis so far in this conference on parenthood and mothers in particular. Kind of goes smoothly with the morning session. Elder Perry's mother sounds like she was pretty sharp. I like how he said she wanted to keep the mind active.

Elder Christofferson talks on the scriptures. I love the introduction with William Tyndale. Tyndale is one of my heroes. I love the spiritual democracy he provided by bringing the scriptures to the common people in their own language. It broke the yoke of dependence which is so easily linked to tyranny. I agree with his point that the study of scripture is more than just historical or archeological. Scripture is spiritual and its power is derived from the power we allow it to have on our own minds and hearts.

Elder Aoyogi spoke on spiritual helping hands. Elder Carlson spoke on keeping the commandments and reasons we might excuse ourselves.

Elder Bednar talks about parents teaching their children in the home (parents again). He gives these points:
1. Read the Book of Mormon in the home
2. Bearing testimony spontaneously
3. Inviting children to act

Elder Holland speaks on pornography. He is known for being pretty forthright in the first place. He was very passionate about this subject.

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