Saturday, April 3, 2010

Morning Session: Talks On Women

Enjoyed the morning session. I didn't quite catch all of it because I was in a deep conversation with parents at the beginning. Seemed to me like there was an emphasis on women this session. I'm a big fan of that. Actually the deep conversation I was having during conference was about women and the way they are treated in society today and throughout history. Then come along President Beck and Elder Ballard. How serendipitous!

The audio archives are not up yet but I want to go back and listen to their talks. Some of Elder Ballard's comments really resonated with me. He talked about how women and girls are objectified in society. He made some very pertinent comments about the way women are portrayed in the media: silly, light-minded, flirty, ditsy, etc. Women often aren't respected for their identity but treated as objects, eye-candy on the screen. He said something to the effect that girls should know their value is not just in their sensuality.

Anyway, good stuff. I'll go back and listen again to get more details. But I was glad to see them bring these things up and address them.

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