Saturday, April 3, 2010

Priesthood Session and Dinner

I just got back from dinner. Conference always makes me hungry because of course we go out to eat after. I think that restaurants must love Conference weekend because we Mormons sure hit the streets to go out to eat after the last "Amen". We went to Old Chicago and I had a calzone. It was called the "Meat Me". Enough said.

I enjoyed the Priesthood session. First I have to complement the choir and their arrangements. Wow! I loved listening to those guys. Elder Oaks gave a talk on healing. I really liked the beginning of he talk where he talked about modern medicine and treatments. Basically the gist was that we have to do something ourselves to treat sickness. He quoted Brigham Young who said that asking for healing from God without doing what you can yourself is like asking him to plant and plow your fields for you. Elder Oaks recommended that the medical and spiritual treatments be performed simultaneously. Sounds great to me.

President Uchtdorf talked about patience. This was a very interesting talk and I look forward to returning to read it. He started with an interesting story about a psychologist who performed an experiment on four-year-old children. He gave them a marshmallow and told them they could eat the marshmallow immediately or wait 15 minutes and receive two. Only 30% waited the 15 minutes. Over the years their research found that the children who waited performed better in school, had better relationships and better quality of life. He also talked about the blessings we receive from keeping the commandments and how those blessings are not always immediate.

Fun evening. Good talks. Good food.

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